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“Since I started training with George my lifts have skyrocketed. I gained 55 pounds in 3 months with no noticeable increase in bf%. Lifts have gone from 205×2-275×8 (bench) 315(not even fully locked out)-500 (deadlift) and 135×5-275×15 (squat). I not only made fast gains but also learned training techniques I can keep implementing, such as identifying weaknesses in compounds and using the right support work to improve my lifts. I would recommend George to any beginner trying to make exceptional progress, or even experienced lifters who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of strength training.” -Albert Urban

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Custom Diet Program

This diet includes customized macros, supplement suggestions, and a cheap, basic, and easy to follow meal plan to fit your goals!

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Custom Training Program

This option is best for you if you have a firm grasp on nutrition and don’t feel that you need diet help but you still want to see what you can accomplish with a program written by George!

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Custom Training Program and Diet

This option is best for you if you have a firm grasp on nutrition and don’t feel that you need diet help but you still want to see what you can accomplish with a program written by George!

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Single Lift Program

This option is best for you if you have a firm grasp on nutrition and don’t feel that you need diet help but you still want to see what you can accomplish with a program written by George!

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1 Hour Phone Call

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Form Check Per Exercise

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Want to work with George Leeman as your PERSONAL COACH?

Sign up bellow to have George personally give you a customizable training and diet program to fit your needs!

Coaching includes the ability to work one on one with George using once weekly training and diet check ins so George can follow along with your progress and give advice on things like form, supplements, mobility, and more!

Under 18 y/o 3 Month Coaching Plan

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3 Month Coaching Plan

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6 Month Coaching Plan

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12 Month Coaching Plan

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“George – the program has been going fantastic – can’t thank you enough. In about two months bench as gone from 225×8 to 225×12, max from 275 to 315, deadlift max from 490 to 585, and all the while I’m down about 9% body fat – crazy stuff! Here’s my most recent progress picture through the program for two months – feel free to share with your clients as another success story – and I’m far from done! Still making great gains week in and week out – so stay tuned for more in the future! Thanks again George.” -Dante Vincent Giuliano

“Hey man, just wanted to say a huge thank you. I’ve been using your training methods for 9 months now and I’ve put on 49lbs! Fuck 5×5 and that 1lb a month bulk shit.” -Vincent Legent

“Finally my weakest lifts have become one of my strongest! Just did some easy dumbbell presses with the 110s x 10, then benched my former 8 rep max(185) for 16 reps. Also, my shoulders have increased a lot, easy pressing 100s while weighing 210. Feeling strong as hell! Here is a picture after 3 months of your training!” -Johan Backman

“Dude George, I don’t know what the hell is up with your program but it’s fucking crazy. It’s like I got on gear, this is magic. I started at 145 kg squats for 4 reps. I literally just did 160 kg for 6 reps. I am down from 103 kilos to 90 kilos as well.” -Karim Hamza

“Coming up on my first month under your programming, and it’s going great.  Rep maxes are flying way up. 30lbs on the bench, 45lbs on the deadlift, and 40lbs on the squat.  Also gained 13 pounds and an inch on my arms. Definitely have gotten a lot stronger. No doubt about shattering all of my former PRs from when I was a fat 265. Thanks!” -Roger Martin

“Well George I just broke a 100 dollar shirt because my shoulders apparently got too wide and all my pants are too big. I blame you and your program! You have no idea how happy I am right now. I haven’t felt like this since kindergarten! Thank you! I will be testing my strength soon and let you know where I am at.” -Erik Thunberg

“When I started lifting I would look at videos of people who I thought were impressive such as Eric Lilliebridge, Stan Efferding, Brandon Lilly and George Leeman. George leeman was a kid who stood out the most to me because he was really young deadlifting really heavy weights. I would use any video i could find of George for motivation to help me lift more in the gym. I wanted to be really young and be deadlifting really heavy weights. After trying as hard as I could to reach certain deadlift goals I had planned for myself, it wasn’t working. I plateaued to the maximum so I contacted George for online personal training. After approximately six weeks I noticed tremendous mass gains and strength gains. Weights that used to feel somewhat heavy feel like air now. I’m amazed at how much I gained. my mom even took me to the doctor to get blood tested for steroids, and kids and trainers at my gym even film parts of the workouts I do now. I’m shocked at how well an online trainer can work for someone like me.” -Augie Filberti

“Just wanted to send you an email detailing the progress I’ve made so far. Now I’ll admit I haven’t been strict with my diet the past week but damn have I seen some gains. I decided to max out on squats and before I started this program, about a month and a week ago, I squatted 245×3. Today I squatted 385×2 @ 155 BW. I still had more in the tank but didn’t want to go there yet. What the fuck. The gains are real. That is all.” -Johnny

“Only on week three but I can already see progress. I started with 315×22 off deficit and on week three I hit 365×19 off deficit. I went to absolute failure on both of these (puked after both). I don’t know how my reps have barley changed, but it’s fucking awesome! Can’t wait to get to July and get some 600+ pulls! Bench and squat are progressing well, I will let you know after Thursday’s and Friday’s sessions.” -Zachary Taylor

Hey man, I just hit 315 for 14 on deadlift! A few months ago I could barely get 245 for 16, at the same body weight (about 205). Ever since I started implementing the stuff I learned from your coaching, I’ve been making sickening gains. Thank you so much again dude! -Elijah Williams
Awesome, I’m really looking forward to work more closely with you with updates this time around — never been leaner or stronger than I am now, only thing resembling a complaint I have from your training is my deadlift blew up so fucking hard that its hilariously disproportionate to my other lifts now.
I am able to comfortably rep out 430+ at a body weight of 178 or so, which even a year ago I wouldn’t have imagined myself ever doing. -Connor Lamont
Hey man, I just recently did your 3 month coaching again, and had some insane gains. Gained about 50 pounds on all my lifts! And went from weighing 210 to 230lbs! -Bryce Whited
Hey George, our coaching just ended but I wanted to shoot you an email because I am really happy with how everything worked out. I maintained weight but look and feel a lot better, finally have visible abs. Gained 50 pounds on my deadlift, 45 on my squat, and 30 on my bench. I am definitely going to be back after my next competition to hit another cycle with you. -Sam Martin
Dude, I can’t believe how well I have been doing after only 3 months. Gained on all my lifts, and finally got my bench up again which had been stalled for the last year. Bodyweight is down and I am finally really happy with wearing cut offs and how my arms and shoulders are looking. Got so sick of being stuck in a shitty routine, this was one of the toughest training  programs I have followed and it actually paid off.  -Alex Betterton

I’ve gained 50kg on my deadlift, 40kg on squats and 20kg on the bench while working with you so far.  -Gary Ang

I want to share some great news with you from today:
2 weeks ago I was struggling to get 110lbs off the floor, today I just pulled 274 for 2 reps. (talk ’bout noob gains :) although likely 80% of this is mentality and muscle memory it is progress and any progress is good progress in my book)
I feel as though I have left the hanging cloud that was my knee injury truly behind now. Your videos played a big part in this, I believe in myself more than ever, and have a clearer picture of where I want to take this.
Thanks from my heart and a happy Christmas George,
-Henry Lees
24.03.2014 – First Time Injuring my lower back. 05.05.2014 – Second Time Injuring my lower back. Twice almost a slipped disk – I basically didn’t see myself in the near future deadlifting or squatting anything heavy or even moderate. But one month after my second injury I came across George again in one of Elliot Hulse’s Videos. And from then on did his programming style. 11.06.2014 – Deadlifting 198lbs for 8 reps. 23.06.2014 – Deadlifting 193lbs for 18 reps. WTF?! One week of that training style and these kind of results? I guess that’s what George means whenever he says those cookie cutter programms are not ideal, haha.
And after 6 months, guess where I am now. 535lbs max. After a pathetic max of 265lbs at the beginning.
THANKS GEORGE!!! -Patrick Burger
I want to start off by saying this isn’t your normal generic cycle you get online. George completely alters everything in the cycle towards your goals and abilities. I wasn’t sure about the high reps at first, but after finishing this cycle I have never felt healthier, stronger and most of all explosive. I was only able to do the deadlift regimen, but with awesome results. When I started I weighed 234 pounds and could barely get 405 pounds. By the end of the cycle I am a much leaner 219 pounds and pulled 450 pounds. I believe I have 475 pounds, I just want to double check my form before continuing. George is a true genius in powerlifting. -Evan Williams
“Hey george thanks so much for your help with training and dieting advice. I never thought I could go from a 255 bench to 315 in 3 months naturally. Nor did I think I could go from 385 squat to 500 raw no wraps in under 6 months. You also helped me gain from around 205 to 270lbs in about 6 months. I’ve gained a little bit of fat but crazy amounts of muscle. I have gotten 2 people to buy your training just because they noticed my gains and wanted some for themselves. Anyway man thanks again.” -Erik Listoe
Hey man thought I’d report in with a quick email on how things are going; lifts are going up faster than I’ve ever experienced in my life.
It’s crazy, I’m just putting the weight and the bar every single week and haven’t come close to stalling yet.
I had a feeling coming to you would be a good idea and it’s proven to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I can’t thank you enough man. -Alex Meates
Hi George, i actually started with the first Program 4 weeks ago..  srsly i have never increased this much in all lifts! fucking increadible!
Just wanted to tell you that i’m so fucking happy that i bought this, worth every dollar!
Thanks George, hopes everything aight with you! 😉 -Chriso Lundin
“It started when i decided to try the 20 rep squat routine… i was told to squat 50% of my 5 rep max for 20 reps, it was so easy i ended up doing 35 reps with 135lbs.
I had no idea i could push myself as hard as i did with high reps. Shortly after i decided to try to apply your high rep methods in a peaking style program.
In just 4 weeks my deadlift skyrocketed from 308lbs to 354lbs, i decided i was never going back to regular programs. Few months later i found myself with a hurt hip unable to squat, but i could deadlift. What better time to try a peaking style program again with everything i learned so far.
All my lifting buddies where laughing at me because of what i was doing, 6 weeks later i decided to attempt a new max.
I almost managed to lockout 396lbs and they were no longer laughing. Even though i did not reach my goal i’ve never felt this strong in my life! For a regular guy like me my back has just blown up in size without adding alot of bodyweight in a short period of time!   -Luca van Antwerpen
I have to say that I’m pretty excited about how well it has gone. From what I can tell, my lean bodyweight has increased by 4lbs and my bodyfat is around 15%.
My bench went from 175lb to 215lb, my squat from 275lb to 305lb (last I checked) and my deadlift went from 345lb to 405lb.
I realize that going forward my progress may not always be this dramatic but thats ok since it all has become an addictive habit at this point.
I’ll take whatever gains I can get at my age.  -Bob Barbush

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