Assume you will one day be the king of your jungle.

Assume you will one day be the king of your jungle.

Many people begin weight training assuming they will transform into a pro bodybuilder overnight. Just a little bit of work, a cycle or two, and boom the next Phil Heath. In fact, it seems some woman think it is so easy to become big and muscular that they have to avoid working out all together because picking up an over a five pound dumbbell will make them ripped.

Many beginners are met with slow and inconsistent results due to lack of programming knowledge which causes many of them to give up and assume they will never be able to be as muscular or strong as they set out to be at the start. I find the larger of the two problems when oscillating between being too optimistic and being too self limiting is that lifters focus too much on the short term and do not have the long term confidence.

If we do not believe in our ability to reach our goals, then we will certainly fail at the start. Mental fortitude and belief in ourselves is critical to remain steadfast on our path to whatever greatness we are striving towards. To believe we will not reach our goals in a fast paced and consistent manner translates into you planning to fail or planning for slow and inconsistent gains.

It is critical to not compare ourselves to what the average person can accomplish, but rather we should hold ourselves to an expectation of what we could be capable of if we trained, ate ideally, and had constant focus on our goals. You must always ask yourself, is this the most ideal step to take to achieve my goals? Of course, life isn’t ideal or perfect, but there is always a better or smarter path.

If someone tries to tell you that progress is supposed to be slow and inconsistent, this is not a workout partner you should train around. If you do continue to train with them, you would be better off to acknowledge their mental weaknesses rather than fall into the pit of limiting yourself because you watch their failures. Your past training failures or training partner failures should not limit the potential you have for your future.

Believe in your ability to work, believe in your ability to be better than average, believe in your ability to want something badly enough to accomplish great things. The human body is not as limited by the physical world as it is limited by our mental fortitude.

Written By: George Leeman