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 Hey everyone George Leeman here, I want to thank you for coming to my website!

Below are some programs and various protocols that I have written and designed to help people reach their fitness oriented goals. Take note that these programs, diets, and e-books may be considered extreme and are only recommended for able bodied people interested in serious results. The items below are for informational purposes only, you should always check with your physician or a qualified professional before starting any new regimens.

Email with any questions and email after purchasing any items below to receive your new protocol!

The products and services below are personally constructed and sold by George Leeman through George Leeman LLC.
All sales are final, by purchasing a product you agree to not to hold George Leeman or George Leeman LLC liable for its use.

George Leeman PROM Deadlift Program!

George Leeman PROM Deadlift Program!

“Progressive Range Of Motion”

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This is a plateau breaking program designed for reaching new strength milestones such as 400lb, 500lb, 600lb, even 700lb or 800lb deadlifts! You will only need one day per week for this program and access to typical commercial gym equipment for your exercises!


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