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Welcome To The Underground Muscle Massochist Nation


My name is George Leeman and Iím a personal trainer, as well as a strength, bodybuilding, and physique coach.

My passion is strength training and bodybuilding. I have deadlifted well over 800lbs in competition as young as 21 years old, and currently hold the all time raw American record deadlift as well as the all time raw junior deadlift record.

I have also raw benched over 500lbs for reps and squatted close to 800lbs in a belt and wraps naturally in earlier years of training.
When I began training I was 215lbs and obese, only benching 105lbs for a max. I was weaker than most kids my age and much weaker than everyone my size. I was sick of being bullied mercilessly by basically everyone bigger or stronger than I was. Earlier years in my life had been hard for me and I found myself acting out and getting in trouble in school, even being arrested multiple times before 13 years old. I was defiant and angry at the entire world and the unfairness of being stuck in a body I hated. I dreamed of one day having control over my body and my life.

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I didn’t want to be helpless and fat and insecure forever, I didn’t like my body or myself for being so weak, for not being strong enough to protect myself or be the person I wanted to be.

I set out to build up my armor, and on my 14th birthday I went to the YMCA for my first workout. It was embarrassing, I had no shape to my body and not even a bicep lump when I flexed. I remember those days, trying to work hard without knowing what direction to take, training every muscle every day in the gym. using the 20lb dumbbells for multiple movements. I saw my body begin to change and I realized with hard work and dedication I could shape myself into someone who nobody could or would try to take advantage of.

The months went by and I discovered the Internet. I was spending thousands and thousands of hours on bodybuilding and power-lifting forums, reading articles over and over again wondering what did and didn’t work as I tried to make sense of 10,000 training programs and methods that all preached a different religion. As the years went on my life grew worse as my own self-hatred forced me to envision a negative future where I intended to sacrifice everything to be the biggest baddest thing on the planet.

I devoted my entire life, my body and everything inside me towards the goal of being the strongest teenager ever so I could finally be someone I didnít despise. When I was 15 years old I decided that due to my abundance of failures in my young life, and my perceived inability to ever be happy, that I would simply brutalize my self in the gym, and gain any amount of weight that was needed to make my dream a reality. Once I achieved this goal I would end my life.

I went from 200lbs at 15 to 385lbs at 19 and I was two months out from the very first meet of my life, where I intended to break the all time belt only total world record, when I injured myself squatting during in a fit of self-hate where I refused to listen to my bodies warning signs.

For years I had been bulking, the weight gain drastically affecting my self esteem, all of which pushed me harder to reach my goals. I hated being so fat, I hated myself for how I looked and it only made me harder on myself. My love of research for lifting and diet had led me to bodybuilding/power-lifting forums where I thought I had found my people. I assumed everyone was as dedicated as I was and trained as hard as I did, but to my surprise I found the majority of people could not understand or believe that my weight gain was on purpose, a choice I made out of extreme dedication in a circumstance where nothing else mattered, not even life.

By now I was 19 years old and badly injured while being almost 400lbs. I had built an incredible foundation, bulking almost 200lbs naturally. I could shoulder-press 350 for reps and squatted and dead lifted in the mid 700’s in only a belt. It was time to show up the thousands of people who doubted me, and told me I was just lazy and fat and anyone could do what I did. I set out on a diet and even though I was too badly injured to squat I lost 150lbs over a year and a half. The world had opened up into something much better than it had seemed in the past.

I set out to regain my lost strength and size, this time taking the plunge into supplement use and chasing my dreams of super-human strength.

I surpassed my wildest expectations by ignoring all the people who tried to place limits on what I could achieve and consequently discovered my true potential. Over the years I have tried every training style and every diet. I learned what did and didn’t work through trial and error. I developed my own principals and techniques to make faster progress, moving through workouts that were not effective without wasting months doing them. Using common sense and experience I took bits and pieces from everything I had learned over the years and put it all together into a working model constantly changing and adapting it to effectively meet whatever my goals were at the time.

Its been almost 10 years since I started working out, and I may have fit 20 years of training into that time frame. As I look back at my childhood I realize I am finally the person I always wanted to be, one of the strongest people in the world, my videos Online attracting subscribers who have struggled in the same ways I have. My heart goes out to everyone who has been through the years of self-hate and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. I know how it feels to have a desire for extreme change and drastic improvements with no clear-cut direction to take.

I made this website to share the newfound happiness in life I have found through lifting and the ability it has given me to shape my body and mind into a person I am proud to be. I want to help others who have gone through the same things I have and need help and support to achieve the happiness they deserve.

This website is for anyone who desire’s to improve outweighs the fear of pain associated with hard work, for everyone who has hated their body, for everyone who has felt like they will never be happy or like themselves, this website is for Muscle Massochist’s.

Those among us who embrace the physical pain of improvement rather than the mental pain of accepting failure, because we realize one is temporary and the other is forever.

Welcome to the Muscle Massochist nation, now follow me into your new reality, where you are in full control of who you are in life.

See what George’s clients are saying about his coaching and programs before signing up!

“Since I started training with George my lifts have skyrocketed. I gained 55 pounds in 3 months with no noticeable increase in bf%. Lifts have gone from 205×2-275×8 (bench) 315(not even fully locked out)-500 (deadlift) and 135×5-275×15 (squat). I not only made fast gains but also learned training techniques I can keep implementing, such as identifying weaknesses in compounds and using the right support work to improve my lifts. I would recommend George to any beginner trying to make exceptional progress, or even experienced lifters who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of strength training.” -Albert Urban

“It started when i decided to try the 20 rep squat routine… i was told to squat 50% of my 5 rep max for 20 reps, it was so easy i ended up doing 35 reps with 135lbs.
I had no idea i could push myself as hard as i did with high reps. Shortly after i decided to try to apply your high rep methods in a peaking style program.
In just 4 weeks my deadlift skyrocketed from 308lbs to 354lbs, i decided i was never going back to regular programs. Few months later i found myself with a hurt hip unable to squat, but i could deadlift. What better time to try a peaking style program again with everything i learned so far.
All my lifting buddies where laughing at me because of what i was doing, 6 weeks later i decided to attempt a new max.
I almost managed to lockout 396lbs and they were no longer laughing. Even though i did not reach my goal i’ve never felt this strong in my life! For a regular guy like me my back has just blown up in size without adding alot of bodyweight in a short period of time!   -Luca van Antwerpen

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